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Reinforce Concrete With Fiber

Fiber mesh is used in concrete to help reinforce, reduce shrinkage cracking, and increase strength. Unfortunately, traditional fiber mesh has three major drawbacks. First, traditional fiber mesh leaves behind an ugly surface fuzz. Second, due to the fact that it is mixed into the concrete load by hand, it is not very convenient to use. Third, it is not typically used in color applications because it repels the color pigments.

Metro Ready Mix is proud to offer a fiber product which solves these three problems. By using a smaller fiber and over 1 billion more per dose, our fiber mesh is virtually invisible and leaves no surface fuzz. The smaller size also allows the fiber to accept color even in the most decorative finishing techniques.

Also, our fiber is computer-measured and mixed into the concrete load as it is made at our production plant. This allows for a more thorough dispersal throughout the concrete and is more convenient for customers.

Our fiber product has been so successful that we have made it a mandatory component in all our colored concrete. Whether used in regular or decorative applications, fiber is an economical and proven component of high-quality concrete. Studies show concrete reinforced with our fiber results in 85% fewer cracks than concrete without fiber.

With Metro Ready Mix on our projects, we know we can set and adhere to aggressive timelines because we can count on them to work efficiently and for their concrete solutions to hit high strengths very quickly."

Rob Pikus, Pikus Concrete & Construction