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When it comes to residential concrete projects, Metro Ready Mix is the supplier that Utah homebuilders and homeowners turn to first. Metro structural and decorative concrete can be found in the footings, foundations, driveways, patios, garages, and basements of homes in the Wasatch Front’s most prominent neighborhoods.

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Concrete Care Recommendations

Exterior concrete in severe freeze-thaw climates, such as that of Northern Utah, requires a great amount of care to ensure that the concrete will be durable long term. Several factors affect the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete, including: air entrainment, the water-to-cementitious material ratio, placing and finishing techniques, and the care and maintenance of the concrete after it is set.

The following is a list of recommendations by Metro Ready Mix for improving the long-term durability of exterior concrete:

  • Specify that all exterior concrete be poured at a slump of no more than 4 inches.
  • Require that all concrete be placed within 90 minutes of load time.
  • Pour approaches and sidewalks in accordance with city/county specifications for 6.5 bag engineered concrete.
  • Spot check the slump and air entrainment of the plastic concrete, which will serve as a protection to the builder/homeowner and ensure that the concrete is delivered and placed at the appropriate slump and contains a sufficient amount of air entrainment (5.0% to 7.0%).
  • Do not allow the spraying of water on the concrete surface. Chemicals such as Confilm (Master Builders) can aid in reducing the rate at which water evaporates from the plastic concrete surface while pouring in hot and/or dry conditions. Use of such materials will also reduce the occurrence of surface cracks.
  • Avoid any traffic, other than foot traffic, on newly placed concrete for 28 days.
  • Seal the concrete to provide long-term protection from moderate amounts of salt tracked onto the concrete surface. Using a cure-and-seal type sealer on new concrete, followed by a heavy-duty sealer after the concrete has been through its first summer, will help protect against freeze-thaw damage. Homeowners are encouraged to power wash, thoroughly dry, and seal the concrete every one to two years, depending on traffic and salt exposure.
  • Do not use any kind of de-icing salt on concrete; its corrosive nature will cause long-term damage to any concrete surface, especially new concrete.

Metro Ready Mix is an important partner for our company. We have come to rely on Metro to not just provide concrete, but to complete each project with care, quality, and professionalism."

Jayson Densley, JD Concrete